As the adopter, whatever stage of the adoption process you are at, FAB Parents has information, strategies, ideas and material which can be useful.

Understanding your child, having a framework for thinking and access to material you can share with others will, we hope, be useful.

We also know that sometimes, as an adopter, it is all too much and the overwhelm is unbearable.

As a current or prospective adopter, FAB Parents is a place for you to get honest answers. Your children may be small and/or new to you; or bigger than you, in their, teens, twenties or thirties. We understand the complexities, mixed emotions, stresses, disappointments, challenges and pain hence offer a safe place for you to learn and transform. No magic bullets. No glib falsehoods. No unrealistic expectations or empty promises. Just robust proven methodologies. Why? Because we’ve been there.

Now could be a good time to invest in your family’s future, risk free. The Trauma Triggered Behaviour online course has a great track record and we offer a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee.

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