Bubble Wrapped Children

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Bubble Wrapped Children – Helen Oakwater

Bubble Wrapped Children explores the why, how, what if and so what questions raised by this new problem and offers realistic answers. It’s suitable for adopters, foster carers, professionals and decision makers.  Buy Bubble Wrapped Children

Facebook threat to adopted children” was the front headline in The Times,  five days after Bubble Wrapped Children was published  in January 2012 and featured significantly in the article written by social affairs correspondent, Rosie Bennett. The story was picked up by other media outlets in UK and Australia. Helen was interviewed by the national TV and radio including BBC, ITV, Sky, newspapers and Australian ABC News.

Numerous reasons cause adopted teens to reconnect with their birth family via Facebook, creating new challenges for adoption today and tomorrow.

Written in an accesible conversational style incorporating  theory, anecdotes, diagrams, models, neuroscience and case studies, Helen maps out the connection between trauma, child development, empathy, grief, contact, trust, truth telling and parenting styles

<img src="bubblewrappedchildrenbook.png" alt="Reconnecting with birth family via Facebook.">

Reconnecting with birth family via Facebook.

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