Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. FASD

FASD can be an undiagnosed issue for many adopted and fostered kids; their birth mothers drinking alcohol throughout or intermittently during pregnancy. Sometimes in vast quantities. Often denied.

Frequently FASD is never recognised or not spotted until the child enters late childhood, teens or adulthood as the gap between them and  “normal” children becomes more pronounced. It is the lack of executive functioning (thinking skills, impulse control, self regulation, organisational skills, mathematical ability etc) due to damage to the prefrontal cortex/thinking parts of the brain.  Many symptoms overlap with other conditions including trauma related behaviours.

Diagnosis needs expert skills. (insert?? Link to Raj YOUtube ???)

This Teenager read a leaflet in the doctors surgery and thought she had dementia because the symptoms described matched her functioning challenges. She actually has FASD. Video and article which includes comments from Dr Mary Mather.

NOFAS (National Organisation for Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder-UK) has many resources including a 6 hour CPD accredited online course. Link to online accredited course for midwives which is suitable for anyone who wants to learn more.

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