Foster Carer

<img src="crackedstatue.png" alt="Cracked Child statue">

As a foster carer, you may be the first person who hears grim details of a child’s life from their own lips.

A child might live with you, the foster carer, for a few days or a couple of decades. Sometimes you know in advance, sometimes not.

You often have complex contact arrangements with members of the birth family.

Sometimes you see changes in a child quickly, other times slowly. Sometimes the change feels good; other times its very painful.

You will always have support and supervision from professionals. Some will be useful, some inadequate.

You open your home to some of the most hurt children in our society.

You are a professional parent, working out how best to support, manage and care for a young frightened stranger.

You are a foster carer who does a remarkable job. FAB Parents will, we hope, give you extra resources and material to improve your skills, widen your thinking and deepen your knowledge.


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