Helen Oakwater

Helen Oakwater is an international Trainer, Speaker, Coach, author of Bubble Wrapped Children and adoptive parent.

Helen is the founder of FAB Parents.

A little about me. I adopted a sibling group (aged 5,4,2) in the early 1990s from the UK Care System. My approach is pragmatic and real. I have lived with children who lie, steal, self harm and were expelled from schools, amongst many other things.

I have worn many different hats in the adoption and fostering world, including:

  • running a local (Adoption UK) support group for adopters for a decade
  • membership of the Government Adoption Task Force
  • trustee for the charity Adoption UK for 6 years
  • delivered training on Trauma Triggered Behaviour to thousands of parents and professionals in the UK, Australia and New Zealand
  • conference speaker and lobbyist
Helen Oakwater at IFCO 2015 Sydney

Helen Oakwater presenting at IFCO 2015 Sydney



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