Coupon for Newsletter subscribers July 2017

As a THANK YOU for subscribing to the FAB Parents newsletter we are delighted to offer you a 20% discount on the Trauma Triggered Behaviour online course. 

The online Trauma Triggered Behaviour course was professionally filmed and includes 38 videos, (over three and a half hours of film).

You will also, a few days after purchase, receive the edited audio recordings (over four hours) of a second live Trauma Triggered Behaviour workshop delivered to a very experienced group of adopters, foster carers and therapists. Their depth of  knowledge results in additional content as we delved deep into fresh areas and new strategies. It’s a master class.

You will have unlimited access to the material. Watch and listen repeatedly to embed the learnings and find fresh ideas as your new knowledge deepens. Much of the material and concepts can be shared with your children to help them understand their own behaviour and reduce shame.

To preview your investment look here

To see additional benefits to purchasing look here, but please come back to this page to access your discount.

I wished I’d had this material throughout my adoption journey both for myself and my children.

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Please do invest in yourself, right now. Especially as the price is rising on 18 July 2017, when the last few amendments  have been made.

Take Good Care


Helen Oakwater

Founder FAB Parents


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