Oakwater Qualifications

Helen Oakwater is a leading learner. She has a commitment (some might call it an addiction) to learning, self improvement, digesting information then sharing the material, ideas and effective interventions. She has travelled the globe for several decades learning from the best in their field.

QUALIFICATIONS: Coaching related 

NLP (Neuro Lingusitic Programming) (over 200 days)

  • NLP Practitioner (2×20 days with Ian McDermott: ITS London)
  • NLP Master Practitioner (2×20 days with with Ian McDermott: ITS London)
  • NLP Coach (20 days with Ian McDermott & Jan Elfine: ITS London)
  • NLP Trainer (20 days with Robert Dilts, Judy DeLozier, Susie Smith: NLPU: Santa Cruz, California)
  • NLP Coach & Modelling (16 days x2 with Robert Dilts, Judy DeLozier NLPU: Santa Cruz, California)
  • Success Factor Modelling (15 days with Robert Dilts, Judy DeLozier NLPU: Santa Cruz, California)
    • some courses were repeated after being invited to be part of the resource team
    • plus various short courses, seminars, conferences etc

mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Technique)

  • mBIT Coach (4 days with Suzanne Henwood: Birmingham)
  • mBIT Master Coach (6 days with Grant Soosla, Suzanne Henwood, Wilbert Molenaar, Amsterdam)
  • mBIT Coach Trainer (6 days with Grant Soosla: Melbourne, Australia).

TPM (Thought Pattern Management)

  • Practitioner (12 days with Fiona Sutherland: Penzance, UK)

Group Mastery Certification (Group Dynamic & Non Verbal Communication skills)

  • Fully Certified (2x 16 days with Michael Grinder, ITS London)


  • 15 years working as Executive and Personal Coach with clients.  Face to face, phone and Skype. Clients are mainly professionals and business leaders. Helen has also worked extensively with clients who have a significant trauma history and big health challenges.
  • Coach to Keith Hern who wrote “How to overcome throat cancer with chemotherapy, radiotherapy and an NLP Coach”.


  • Attachment and Adoption course (2 years part time (Post Grad) with Alan Burnell, Jay Vaughn, Dan Hughes at Family Futures, London).
  • Numerous conferences, events, trainings.


  • Ran local Adoption UK group for 10+ years
  • Member UK Government Adoption and Permanence Task Force 2000-04
  • Trustee Adoption UK: 6 years
  • Member 2 Local Authority Adoption Panels: 5 & 3 years
  • Parenting a sibling group placed for adoption in early 1990s, aged 2,4,5
  • Continued involvement with various adoption support groups


  • B.Ed (Honours) – Movement Studies.
  • All sorts of others – too numerous/tedious to list.

Helen Oakwater has a wide and deep range of knowledge, training and skills. A qualified trainer, teacher, coach and published author.

You want and need to know that the material on this website is credible, effective and based on sound theory, research and practice. You should know the qualifications and track record of contributors.

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