Trauma Triggered Behaviour Training

<img src="crackedstatue.png" alt="Cracked Statue of broken child">About Trauma Triggered Behaviour Training

A holistic methodology for understanding and parenting adopted and fostered children.

new learning + adaptive behaviour = understanding + satisfaction

If you are frustrated or bewildered by your child’s behaviour; these resources will help you by providing new tools and ways of thinking.

Fab Parents will offer a variety of learning opportunities in a range of mediums to suit you. (Please stay with us as we continue to add them)

information + fresh ways of thinking + new skills 

  • articles you can read
  • articles you can hear
  • videos you can watch

    <img src="training.png" alt="Training with Helen Oakwater">

    Training with Helen Oakwater

  • online learning platform 
  • books to digest or sample in the bath
  • blog posts
  • pointers to other resources and sites
  • pointers to useful research
  • pointers to technological developments
  • pointers to specific useful TED talks
  • live events

Helen Oakwater has been delivering training and speaking at conferences for over 15 years in UK, Australia and New Zealand.

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