Why FAB Parents?

FAB Parents offers is a road map and resources for adopted and foster parents to navigate the most emotional and difficult leadership challenge of their life. Regardless of what you’ve done, where you’ve worked, how your life has been: this is an epic journey. Whatever the outcome, we want you to feel empowered, resourced and 100% proud of the way you handled it.

ESSENCE. When you parent or care for children who experienced maltreatment and neglect things are not how they look or seem. There is much distortion.


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PROBLEM. The problem is, adopted and fostered children have a traumatic start to life which affects their ability to bond and trust. These children take a double hit. Firstly their normal developmental needs were not met and secondly they repeatedly had overwhelming and distressing experiences which lodged in their psyche.

These children need therapeutic re-parenting to undo the damage and fill in the developmental gaps. This presents a unique and complex challenge for those who:

  • parent traumatised children
  • spend significant time with them (teachers, family members)
  • make decisions about their future (social workers, medics, judges, politicians).

SOLUTION. People in this position need several things to develop understanding:

  1. information, which we provide in podcasts, videos, articles and books.
  2. trainingwhich we offer in a variety of forms including live workshops and online training
  3. parents need 121 support to create a personal strategy for parenting their child, which we will offer through group coaching and mentoring.

HOW. What Helen did was to reverse engineer. She looked back across her entire parenting history and considered how she would have done things differently. She’s incorporated neuroscience and technology developments with proven behavioural science and leadership skills to figured out a robust framework to understand, parent and transform traumatised children. She verified these great techniques and continues to expand the tool kit.

WHY. Helen does this is because many of her hopes and dreams when she first adopted her children never materialised. Their relationship turned out to be very different to the one she expected and parenting them was staggeringly tough. Her intent is that the next generation have sufficient tools, support and knowledge to adapt and develop throughout this prolonged challenge of therapeutic re-parenting. She want both adults and children to benefit from this methodology.

<img src="bookcover.png" alt="Book Bubble Wrapped Children by HelenOakwater">

Bubble Wrapped Children – Helen Oakwater

WHO. Helen adopted three children from the UK care system in the early 1990’s, who are now adults. Her first book Bubble Wrapped Children (published January 2012) generated the The Times newspaper front page headline “Facebook threat to adopted children”. She is schooled in a whole raft of disciplines and studied the best frameworks and methods in coaching, personal development, trauma and parenting to address the specific task of parenting neglected and maltreated children. She has helped thousands of parents and professionals adjust their mindset, which enabled them to shift a child’s life trajectory positively.

OPPORTUNITY. Having figured out what she would do differently, FAB Parents allows Helen (and others) to work with parents and empower them to successfully navigate the many adoption and fostering minefields, day by day, decade after decade. Hence armed with a robust route map, adults get maximum satisfaction and delight from parenting the most traumatised children in our society; while the children have a therapeutic space to heal and can develop into functional, emotionally healthy adults.

FAB Parents will have contributions from leading experts in the fields of trauma, coaching, leadership, communications, therapy and other fields which will be useful for you. There are no piano playing cats, no easy untested solutions, no empty promises or patronising words. FAB Parents is about being real.

VISION. The FAB Parents vision is that, based on a proven framework, every parent creates a unique route map for successfully parenting their child from infancy to adulthood.




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